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Meet The Faculty: Farris Timimi, MD

We are gearing up for the first ever Digital Health Mini MBA certificate program at Clemson University. Program particip...

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Who are the Storytellers: Download the eBook

Personal stories connect us to each other and to brands. Hospitals and hospital marketing teams are unique groups to tel...

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Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award – How Social Media is Evolving

It’s 2009… heck 2012… someone says social media and healthcare – what do you think? Here is what...

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Quit posting your complaints on Twitter

Yep… you heard me… stop, just stop it. Why are you posting your complaints on Twitter? What do you feel it w...

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Stop What You Are Doing and Become a Teacher

If you do nothing else in 2014 please start teaching…. your job could depend on it. I was on Facebook this weekend...

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It’s 2014 and all I have to show for it is this Facebook Page

What do you think of when someone says “social media strategy?” Do you have one? Are you being held accounta...

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Has Social Media Changed the Way You Make Decisions?

How has social media impacted your day to day life? As each day passes we become more and more connected, wired, accessi...

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What Are You Doing to Engage Employees?

How is your organization engaging and energizing employees around your brand message? As hospitals it is importnat to...

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Who Are You? Where Are You? – What to do with Online Listings

One of the biggest issues I encounter is online listings. They are wrong, duplicated, or just don't exist. Before y...

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