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Stop What You Are Doing and Become a Teacher

If you do nothing else in 2014 please start teaching…. your job could depend on it.

I was on Facebook this weekend and noticed this story:

“TCU assistant AD resigns in wake of Texas A&M comments”

Lets face it… everyone you work with is on Facebook… maybe Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest…

Do they know that what they post is not private? That it could cost them their job?

Please, please, please put a training program in place.

If you need a place to start check out Altimeter’s recent report – Social Media Education for Employees.

Food for thought:

  1. Start thinking about your existing policy (please tell me you have a policy?) and is it still relevant/meeting the organizational goals?
  2. Past that figure out a way you plan to connect the policy with the existing employee base along with new hires.
  3. Do your executives understand the policy? What is wanted from the new generation?

I can not express how important this is. I am more than happy to jump on the phone with anyone and talk though ideas. Would love to hear from those who have been successful.

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Reed Smith