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Quit posting your complaints on Twitter

Yep… you heard me… stop, just stop it.

Why are you posting your complaints on Twitter? What do you feel it will accomplish?

Here is what I mean… Let’s pretend for a second:

What if I went to a local bike shop in my town and purchased a new mountain bike. They take great care of me, answer all my questions, and make sure I have what I need. I purchase the bike and ride away. Two days later the chain breaks. Do I:

  1. Call / Stop by the bike shop and tell them what happened and get their input?
  2. Stand out front of their shop with a sign telling every passerby that their bikes break after only two days?

I hope you picked number one.

So why is it we are picking number two most often? We are very quick to rip a business, person, or brand on Twitter with out trying to engage them first privately or even offline. Why? Why can we not let people be human? We all make mistakes and will fall short of expectations. Would you not want someone who you let down to come to you first and try and reconcile the miss?

Now I know this is not always the case – If you try to connect and they refuse then by all means do whatever you want. But if the brand is willing to connect with you please try that path first.

I am afraid we have too many people trying to become a story on Mashable.


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Reed Smith