Through research and partnerships with healthcare organizations around the country, the Social Health Institute explores new and innovative ways for hospitals and health care organizations to develop and enhance their social media and digital marketing strategy.


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PRSA Health

PRSA Health: May 15th “How Do You Deal With a Crisis … a Social Media Crisis”

PRSA in Austin

PRSA in Austin April 23rd. Topic: Social Media: Mastering the Old and New (from Twitter and Instagram to Ello and Medium). 12-1pm

Lutheran Social Services of America Annual Meeting in San Antonio

Lutheran Social Services of America Annual Meeting in San Antonio: Session Title: Storytelling in the Digital Age, April 22nd 3-5 pm

Digital Health Mini MBA – Greenville

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Tips and Resources


Meet The Faculty: Lee Aase

We are gearing up for the first ever Digital Health Mini MBA certificate program at Clemson University. Lee Aase of The ...

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When was the last time you Penned (not Pinned)?

Have we lost what we once had? I was raised by my parents who made (in a lot of cases) me write thank you notes to every...

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Can Facebook Save Us From Ebola?

1.8 billion – that is the number of people on Facebook globally. Every day, at least once, half of those 1.8 billion l...

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Our Thought Leaders


Reed T. Smith

A nationally recognized thought leader, Smith focuses on the integration of social computing into hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

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Bobby Rettew

Bobby Rettew is a multiple Emmy award-winning multimedia producer with a background in new media, visual storytelling, user-center design, usability testing methodologies and television news.

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Brooke McMillan

Brooke McMillan is an award winning online marketing and communications expert specializing in non-profit digital strategy.

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Jim Aderhold

Jim is a self-described “techie.” He thrives on the fast paced nature of digital marketing and communications, and enjoys the entrepreneurial nature of the technology industry.

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Jennifer Dunn

Jen has worked for both non-profit and for-profit health care providers, in addition to a small advertising and public relations firm specializing in health care and hospital marketing.

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