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Meet The Faculty: Farris Timimi, MD

headshot-farrisWe are gearing up for the first ever Digital Health Mini MBA certificate program at Clemson University. Program participants will learn from some of the brightest in the digital healthcare space, including Farris Timimi, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. Dr. Timimi uses digital successfully in his professional life and will be addressing the following during his session this summer:

  • What is digital professionalism
  • Where do medicine and digital communications intersect
  • How does digital impact the delivery of medicine
  • How can a hospital involve MD’s in an overall communication strategy

Dr. Timimi shares his insights on the importance of healthcare in the digital age:

“Social media represents a profound opportunity for health care providers. For patients, it can empower them, support those who are isolated by their disease or by geography, and give voice to disease communities. For health care providers, it adds a new dynamic, that of one-to-many medicine to the power of one-to-one practice. These tools, often viewed as limited to only push marketing use, can provide a revolutionary addition to the dynamic of health care in the digital era.”

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Brooke McMillan