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Meet The Faculty: Reed Smith

Reed Smith, MBA

We are one month out from our first ever Digital Health Mini MBA certificate program at Clemson University. Program participants will learn from some of the brightest in the digital healthcare space, including Reed Smith,  the Founder of Social Health Institute. Reed focuses on the integration of social computing into hospitals and other healthcare organizations and will be presenting the session on Digital Marketing and Communications. Participants will learn about spreading and increasing the magnitude of your brand and how to connect your digital goals to business metrics.

We asked Reed what he hopes individuals will learn from his portion of the Digital Health Mini MBA Certificate Program:

“Gone are the day of healthcare providers deciding what they will tell you and what you should know. The internet and more specifically social media have changed the dynamic of how patients gather information and make decision. Understanding how the game has changed and how to participate is essential to success. How will you engage and retain employees, how do you inform potential patients of new resources, and how do you become a trusted source online to your peers? The way we ‘market’ has to change. It is a conversation and you need to be a part.”

Join us and our Digital Healthcare Marketing experts and advance your career. Register for the Digital Health Mini MBA Certificate Program today.

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Brooke McMillan