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Who Are You? Where Are You? – What to do with Online Listings

One of the biggest issues I encounter is online listings. They are wrong, duplicated, or just don't exist. Before you jump into these sites and start trying to make changes I encourage you to do this simple exercise… Ask yourself/brand:

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you?

Doing this will allow you to focus and assess. It is crucially important to understand what you want to be known for and then where online does that fit. Let's look at each.

Who are you? (Focus Stage)

When first thinking about the online space and where you are listed it is important that you rewind the tape and go back over your growth strategy. Make sure you refresh yourself on what it is you want to be know for and what the organization is focusing on. Take a simple piece of paper (or excel document) and make a chart like the one below:


List out on the left your growth strategies. Then make a column where you can review the current levels across different mediums. Look at things like:

  • Keyword Rank
  • How many updates on social media fit in each focus area – are we talking about our priorities?
  • How many reviews (Yelp, Healthgrades, Sharecare, etc) speak to these growth areas – are consumers talking about our priorities?
  • What percentage of our web traffic/engagement lines up with our identified strategies?

Doing this will allow you to answer the question:

“Do our actions online = our strategy?”

Where are we? (Assessment Stage)

Once you have reviewed the current focus of your online efforts then it is important to take inventory of what actually exists. Where is the hospital listed, do we own the listing, and is it correct? Grab a second piece of paper (or new tab in excel) and make another chart like before:


This time list out any and all locations you can find that have a directory type listing about the hospital. Then start taking inventory. Make new columns and document things like:

  • URL of the listing
  • Traffic the listing receives
  • What actions can the visitor take when viewing the listing?
  • Is the listing accurate?
  • Do you own the listing?

Once you have done this prioritize the listings based on traffic, accurateness, ownership, etc. Then you can formulate a plan to claim and correct listings.

Then look for ways to add value to the listings. Example: Once you claim your Foursquare listing you can then add tips for those who checkin at your location. Go to the volunteers and ask them what are they asked the most by visitors entering the hospital – make those your tips.

Online listings can cause a real disconnect for your visitors. Take time to undertand what exists. You will be surprised at the value this can bring to an organization.

 Next Steps

Interested in knowing more? Connect with us for a free basic web and Facebook assessment. Simply fill out the form below and we will follow up with next steps:

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