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Has Social Media Changed the Way You Make Decisions?

Then and Now

How has social media impacted your day to day life?

As each day passes we become more and more connected, wired, accessible… Historically the information we could access included:

  • Pulling from our own experience(s)
  • Hearing from others (word of mouth)
  • Hearing from the brand (advertising)

While the physical impact has not changed much over the years our access to information has… Now introduced to our decision making world is:

  • Social Media
  • Online Patient Communities
  • Rankings
  • Reviews
  • Online information

Are we in danger of information overload? Or is this the best time in history to receive care? Does your organization feel social media is impactful?

We would love to have your feedback. Complete the quick 3 question survey below and download the infographic above for your personal use.

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Reed Smith

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