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3 Apps That Make Me More Productive

Everyone loves a good app. I mean who doesn't need a good reason to download another little app with a cool logo! I know you have some change burning a hole in your pocket so let me give you a few suggestions on apps I think you should try:

POP Prototyping


This might be one of the coolest apps I have used as of late. There are many times that I have a great idea and if I could only show you what I was thinking… Well now you can (at least for iPhone apps)! POP allows you to sketch out your app ideas… take pictures of your drawings… then simulate the drawings to show how your app would work. Kinda cool. Oh… you can also send them to others for feedback. Makes for a great collaborative process. Be sure to download this one!

$FREE – Download



As an Evernote fan Skitch of course makes the list. In the words of Evernote, “say it with fewer words.” Skitch allows you to capture content, or import content and mark it up. Not a day goes by that I do not use Skitch in some way. As a bonus it also saves all your captures to a notebook within your Evernote¬†account for easy reference.




Vesper is a new app I am really starting to enjoy. Created by Q Branch (as a Bond fan this is enough to buy the app in and of itself) Vesper is a simple productivity app based on a to-do list methodology. The part that really makes this app useful to me is being able to add tags to each item. The app is simple yet coupled with tags makes it useful to the point where I don't have to keep up with lists, etc. I have stuck with this “list” app longer than any other list/reminder/productivity app yet.

$4.99 – Download

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