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What Are You Doing to Engage Employees?

How is your organization engaging and energizing employees around your brand message?
imagesAs hospitals it is importnat to understand what we stand for, who our audience is, and how to engage them. For some time now many of us in this industry have said employees are the vehicle to finding, engaging, and influencing healthcare consumers.

I was reading through the recent report from from the 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer called, “Trust in Employee Engagement.” The key point for hospitals is this nugget of information:

Employees continue to be a steady, reliable source of information, especially compared to the CEO.

Edelman suggest there are three key actions to build trust:

  1. Use storytelling to demonstrate integrity in action
  2. Encourage a culture of inclusive management
  3. Leverage employee ambassadors strategically where they have credibility

All three of these tactics are great and many blogs and consulting hours could be spent on each. Hospitals, however,  have a real opportunity to execute on the third idea today… and here is how:

  1. Identify a strategic area of growth – your hospital is probably focusing on several service lines and strategies. Write these down and make a decision based on success. Where can I have a win the quickest.
  2. Find experts in that field – Once you have your focus area, spend sometime talking with leaders and employees to identify who the experts are. Caution: It may not always be the person with the many letters after their name.
  3. Inventory the strengths of your experts – Go to each of your identified experts and find out their strengths for creating content. Do they like to write? Are they good with audio dictation? Or maybe they are an accomplished artist?
  4. Identify content they are currently creating – Do you have a dietician who speaks to the local high school on healthy eating? What about an athletic trainer who does training for are coaches on important topics like concussion identification?
  5. Develop a method to bring their expertise to the mass – Finally spend sometime to create a process by which you can bring their expertise to a larger audience. How do you get their knowledge on your blog in a systematic process for example?

Your community wants to hear from your experts – and you have many of them. I would encourage you to walk though this exercise and find ways to make them famous!

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Reed Smith

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