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Building Your Content Calendar – When Should You Tweet?

It may seem obvious but it would make sense if you tweet when your followers are online. Now that sounds easy enough but how exactly will you know this?

  • Look back though your RTs. See what day and time they happened. This wont tell you everything but might give you an idea of when followers are seeing your tweets.
  • Then look at your tweets that have been favorited. This is a good indication of types of content followers want from you.

This could quickly give you some ideas on content and frequency.

If you want to go a step further, a bit more strategic and exact, check out SocialBro. They have both a paid and free version. I currently use the Chrome extension. Once you sign into SocialBro it will allow you to sync your Twitter account. After you do this check out the “best time to tweet” report. After the report runs you will get many charts and insights (free account only measures 100 followers.) Here are the three to look at first:

When are your followers online?


Online followers by day of the week.


Online followers by hour.

Screenshot_5_30_13_7_16_AM 2

So what does this allow me to do? At a glance I can now:

  1. See which days the highest percentage of my followers are online.
  2. See what portions/hours of the day the highest percentage of my followers are online.

It doesn't take me long to understand the majority of my followers are online during the week, during business hours. And more specifically Tuesdays and Thursdays around lunch time are highly concentrated.

Finally, I can take these insights and though a click of the button have SocialBro create an optimized schedule within Hootsuite or Buffer.

Question: How are you deciding when to tweet?

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