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[Infographic] The Patient Journey into Hospital CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become the hub of sophisticated healthcare marketing. As consumers and patients interact with the hospital, data is automatically collected, giving marketers strategic information to develop a finely tuned cost effective marketing campaign. Using this information as a tool can not only help you reach and find the right audience but also engage existing patients and track campaign effectiveness, report downstream revenue and ROI.

Over the past 20 years, many industries and organizations have been using CRM as a key strategy in their overall marketing plan. The big guys that come to mind are; Casinos, Target, Southwest, Barnes and Noble and safe to say your banking company. As with many things, healthcare systems were slow to adopt but now that we have we are realizing the benefits from a well-designed CRM plan. It helps organizations build engaged and loyal audiences.

Although there are many positives to using a hospital CRM, wrapping your head around how a patient enters this process can be a bit mind boggling. We are healthcare, we aren’t Southwest or Target, but we do have a lot to offer. For those who are visual learners like myself, here’s a fun way to see how Claire enters a hospital’s CRM system. Fun challenge- anyone notice anything about her name?


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Jennifer Dunn

3 Responses

  1. Jenny Reeves says:

    Brilliant. Absolutely the best (and only!) way to connect with the right patient for any health care system. CRM done right (and well) creates BFFs!

  2. Susanna Medoff says:

    This is an impressive infographic, Jen. Very informative, thank you.