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Roles You Should Have on Your Marketing Team in 2016

Is it possible – in 2016 – that you should revise the roles of your marketing team? I am going to guess that...

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5 Easy Ways to Identify Great Storytellers

I love this quote by Jessica Baris. I think it fully describes the unique traits of a storyteller. These people are all ...

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Are We Making it Too Hard?

Are we making it too hard? Are we overthinking things? I look at where we are, where we have been, and the horizon which...

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If the NFL can do it, so can Hospitals.

The Dolphins have been in the news as of late for all the wrong reasons, but because of that I remembered reading an art...

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How Friendly is Your Hospital?

A couple of weeks back produced a list of the Top 50 Most Social Media Friendly Hospitals for 2013. It is ...

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Poll: Where does your organization focus its use of social?

Everyone has a different idea of what social is… what it should be used for … and who it should be used to...

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Giving a Digital Hand in the ‘Care Effect’

While reading WIRED magazine on a late flight back to San Antonio, I was intrigued in an interesting study resulting in ...

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Know Your Audience: 3 Things to Remember When Networking

Yesterday I received this comment though the contact page on my blog: Message Body: Hi! I just visited your website and ...

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It’s Not Just About Your Website

A true digital/interactive strategy is not about the website. The plan probably doesn't even start or end with the ...

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