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Roles You Should Have on Your Marketing Team in 2016

Is it possible – in 2016 – that you should revise the roles of your marketing team? I am going to guess that the majority of hospital marketing team roles look something like this:

  • VP of Marketing
  • Director of Marketing
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Coordinator

Granted your team might look a bit different but I am sure they have not changed much over the last 15 years. The problem is these are job titles and not roles and are based on vertical reporting. If I look at a LinkedIn profile, where your job title is one of these, I am not real sure what you actually do – only who you must report to.

Take a minute and think about your department and the actual responsibilities they have. Why don’t we look at a new way of staffing? Align your staff with goals/objectives of your department. Make it clear who does what and why.

I feel there are four key areas that need coverage:

  1. Strategy – someone needs to focus on what we are doing, where we are going, and the why.
  2. Operations – a role needs to be devoted to making things happen – and happen within budget.
  3. Creative Services – someone to create stuff – or at lease be over the process and direction.
  4. Measurement – someone needs to make sure what we are doing is actually working.

So for example… Give employees areas of responsibility and have the vertical reporting fall within those areas. Those same employees from above might look something like:

  • VP of Strategic Planning & Marketing
  • Director of Marketing Operations
  • Creative Services Manager
  • Marketing Analytics Coordinator

Below is a list of possible jobs/responsibilities that I feel would be a good starting point for most organizations to kick around. Look at your internal department and push for roles that will help you provide value while still taking into account responsibility level and discipline.


  • Director of Strategic Planning


  • Director of Marketing Operations
  • Marketing Services Manager


  • Director of Marketing Analytics
  • Director of CRM

Creative Services

  • Director of Creative Services
  • Creative Services Manager
  • Director of Media
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Graphic Designer

What roles are core and should be part of every marketing department?



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Reed Smith