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Giving a Digital Hand in the ‘Care Effect’

via wired

via wired

While reading WIRED magazine on a late flight back to San Antonio, I was intrigued in an interesting study resulting in the idea of the ‘Care Effect’. In summary of the article, Harvard Medical School research has demonstrated, what some medical thinkers have begun to call the “care effect” — the idea that the opportunity for patients to feel heard and cared for can improve their overall health. “Kaptchuk’s study was a breakthrough: It showed that randomized, controlled trials could measure the effect of caring. But there was already abundant evidence from nursing science to suggest a healing power in the interaction between practitioner and patient.”

Although we may not be at the bedside of a patient or at the discussion of treatment at the physician roundtable, I could not help to think of how we still have the power and opportunity to establish and improve the ‘care effect’ before and after the patient comes into connection with the hospital.

Feeling heard and cared for is not just a want for patients but a proven scientific need for their overall health. For many of our patients, the hospital’s website can be the front door and first encounter to experiencing care. Whether it is directional or informative, improving the warmth and tone of your hospitals homepage can create the first step in establishing the ‘care effect’.

Things to Consider – Take a look at your homepage, if you were a new patient- what is your overall first impression?

  • Is your homepage filled with banners ads and promotions?
  • Do you have a designated place that gives a warm welcoming message?
  • Is the main navigation easy and stress free to use?

We have heard the importance before, but this study backs the significance of giving your patients an outlet to be heard and a way to give conversation and understanding online casino to what experiences they may be going through. Social platforms can be the best way to achieve this. Creating a two way conversation between experts, physicians and patients or interested community members, allow patients a voice and the attention and care they need.

Things to consider

  • Does your hospital have a blog? This is an excellent opportunity to have service line experts or physicians give that extra attention and advice, while giving patients the ability to comment back and build a community.
  • Take a look at your social post, are you responding to patients posts and comments? Is there a way to become more personal and caring in some of the things you post?

As marketers, we forget that nurses and doctors are NOT the only ones that are caring for our patients. By spreading the ‘care effect’ past the patient room, not only will it improve the patients overall experience but also improve their overall health- which is always the ultimate ROI in healthcare.

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