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Hospitals + Facebook : How do You Compare?

I would wager a bet that everyone reading this has experience with Facebook – both personally and professionally. The infographic below shows how 13 hospital systems used the online community for a three month period of time.

One thing I want to point out is frequency. The hospitals in this study all vary in how they administer their page(s) so it would be unfair to point to any specific system/page. My point is you have to have a game plan. To craft your frequency ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Who am I trying to reach?
  2. When are they online?
  3. Why are they online?
  4. What type of content do they like?
  5. How will I measure success?

Your frequency will create a rhythm that your community will learn, and come to expect. So make sure you ask all the questions and determine if the frequency you set can be committed to for a lengthy period of time.

Challenge: Remember… this is only 13 hospital system’s data from a snap shot in time. Don’t take this as the gospel but I am curious how your hospital or organization compares. I encourage you to pick a statistic below and refer back to your own data. Leave us a comment on this post to why you feel your organization is different or the same based on what you find.

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