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If the NFL can do it, so can Hospitals.

imagesThe Dolphins have been in the news as of late for all the wrong reasons, but because of that I remembered reading an article about  them sometime back having to do with iPads.

In short they had moved their very large NFL playbook from a printed book to an iPad based book, and given all 90 players an iPad. This was an interesting article to read but nothing that would make the Dolphins seem like the most cutting edge franchise in the sport but a good step forward none the less.

With any change there is an adjustment period, but you have to look at your audience and adjust based on their needs. This quote by Dolphins head coach, Joe Philbin, makes my point:

“If you can make it easier for people and make it more convenient for people, they will take advantage of the learning that’s available to them. Plus, the film aspect is a whole different thing too. So now you have this (iPad) that has everything as opposed to just one thing with a static picture.”

I would challenge you to make that next leap. Should you convert a print document to an iPad app? That is your call. My point is more around looking at how we do marketing. Start to understand how social media, technology, and user generated content are impacting our jobs. It is time to put all our efforts on the table and really think though if we are doing our job the most impactful way.

Don't worry about what is the largest, most impactful change… but what you can do today. What small changes can you make to start serving your audience better?

What will you look at doing differently? Facebook advertising? Blogging vs eNews? Internal communications?

I would love to hear what next step you plan to take (or not take.)

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