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What Will You Do Different in 2014?

How will you attack 2014 in a different way? When you look back at 2013 were there some missed opportunities or maybe just something to expand on? Take just a minute before we get too far into January and do this:

  1. Grab a sheet of paper
  2. Make a numbered list of wins you had in 2013
  3. Follow that with a numbered list of missed opportunities or things you did not get to

I have found if you purposely put these things on paper it makes them more real. With the list in front of you then do two things:

  1. Reflect on why wins were wins – is there a method or something about the wins that you can replicate in 2014 with other opportunities?
  2. When looking at the missed opportunities or things you just did not get to can you mark some off the list? Can you revisit some items in 2014?

Find the ones you can revisit and make a plan. Set a goal on how to attack those you did not in 2013. Here are three ways to make it a reality:

  1. Make it actionable
  2. Give it a due date
  3. Tell someone else about the goal

I hope 2014 gets off to a great start for you!

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Reed Smith