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How Friendly is Your Hospital?

TOP50_BADGEHosptials-300x255A couple of weeks back produced a list of the Top 50 Most Social Media Friendly Hospitals for 2013. It is very interesting to scroll though and see who made the list. Congrats to those who made it. Here is the criteria use by

Most of the nation’s top hospitals are already doing an awesome job on their social media strategies, so the staff at (sister site to the largest public health property, decided to list the best of the best. We took on the arduous task of gathering social media stats for all of the hospitals listed as “Nationally Ranked” for at least one adult specialty by U.S. News & World Report and used the number of followers and the amount of activity on each platform to calculate a score. The highest possible score was 100, with 21 points for Facebook, 17 for Twitter, 18 for YouTube, 18 for LinkedIn, 8 for Pinterest, 12 for Google Plus, and 6 for Flickr.

As I looked though the list I started to think how could any given hospital get on this list or any other list like it? Honestly I am not sure that is the goal… We always talk about awards in healthcare but if our goals and focus are in the right place then all the other elements will fall into line. So what should you do?

  1. Be a real person… This is not advertising, it is social media… key being social.
  2. Be present… Social media is not a “when I have time” medium… be there for your community.
  3. Be a resource… Make sure what you post has value… seems like a commonsense step, but…

Keep in mind that people do business with those they trust. Build trust… build business.

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