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5 Moments Your Patients Are Most Likely to Live Post

With over a billion monthly active Facebook users, 78% of whom are mobile and over 5.5 million Twitter users, 43% of whom are mobile, the question is not if your patients will live post from your facility, it's when.

Ranging along a spectrum of over-sharer to cautious poster, social media users are equipped and ready each day to share their story online. From the morning traffic to where they dined with coworkers, users are excited about the play-by-play aspect offered by these free social platforms that connect them with friends around the globe all day, every day.

Users will not only be open and honest with their friends, but they are also apt to update their online networks in real time. To prepare your facility for live posting, we’ve compiled some of the most memorable – and most shareable – moments your patients will have while at your health care facility.

Don’t wait for visitors to tell your story; use these milestones as a guide for developing content to tell your facility’s story and equipping visitors with a positive experience worth sharing.

1. Their first interaction with staff 
From the handshake to the smile, the gatekeepers at the front desk, the parking garage attendant and, in general, anyone with a logo-ed t-shirt will set the tone for their visit. Smiling faces and helpful deliveries will instantaneously get your facility on the right foot.

2. Wait time
Not entirely in the hands of one person, a facility wait time is seen as an overall facility issue that is at the responsibility of the logo on the front door. Keep wait time estimates (if given) realistic and provide updates with a smile that shows compassion and empathy.

Social Health Institute - Most Memorable Hospital Moments, John

3. Cleanliness
One of the most susceptible moments to photos, cleanliness translates to level of care.

4. Interaction with physicians/nurses
Bedside manners are not dead and this, often one-on-one, experience is critical to how visitors will sum up their entire visit.

Mary Smith Shares Her Experience at ABC Hospital

5. Overall debrief of experience
The ease of this milestone is made with success of the previous four. Debrief comes once they are awaiting discharge papers and reflecting on their overall experience from the moment they set foot on campus.

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  1. Ashley Howland says:

    Great post! We have experienced all of these at some point. This is great information to share with clinical staff. Thanks for putting this together!