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It’s Not Just About Your Website

A true digital/interactive strategy is not about the website. The plan probably doesn't even start or end with the website.

Is it important? Yes

Does it play a large part? Yes

To start ask yourself how visitors will find you online… Google? Yelp? LinkedIn? Facebook?…

Once you understand all the entry paths to your organization's online presence you should then ask where should those paths lead and what do they see along the way.

The answer is a database or CRM tool.

I would encourage you to map out how traffic finds it way to your CRM tool where you can then track and better communicate with those individuals. Once you do this you can see where the breakdown is and where traffic bottlenecks along with way.

In this simple example (but a real issue) you can see how traffic coming from Google finds it's way into the CRM. The problem comes when, one of the most popular calls to action can not map data into the CRM:

Snapshot 11:1:12 6:51 AM

The fewer gaps the more ROI you can show. Question: How have you ensured all your actions online lead to a trackable solution?

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Reed Smith

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