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Upcoming eBook – 6 Secrets of Social Media Superstars in Healthcare

I have not been blogging as much here lately… I have two projects working that both are launching in the coming da...

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What Types of Facebook Posts Should Hospitals Focus On?

(This is a small sample of what will be available based on an upcoming study by the Social Health Institute and WCG on...

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Slides: Clemson mini MBA for Healthcare Professionals

Clemson mini MBA for Healthcare Professionals from Reed Smith...

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4 Things to Consider Before You Subscribe to a Social Media Marketing Platform

Over the past couple of years I have demo’d a number of social media marketing platforms including: Shoutlet, Spre...

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The Gap Between More and Enough

Working in the world of new technology I struggle with the more vs enough equation. When do I need to pursue new tec...

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Content vs Technology – Where is Your Focus?

In my day to day life I spend a lot of (most of) my time around technology. I am writing this blog on a technology platf...

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5 Questions in 30 Seconds – Insight for 2013

Organizations deal with a lot. Money, people, and technology seem to be the three biggest moving parts. As we look ahead...

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5 Evernote Add-Ons for Hospital Marketing Directors

  I have written several posts about Evernote and how I use it to fill gaps in content creation, social management,...

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What is Content and Who Creates it Well?

When talking with clinical staff about blogging or creating content for the first time I run into hesitation more times ...

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