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If the NFL can do it, so can Hospitals.

The Dolphins have been in the news as of late for all the wrong reasons, but because of that I remembered reading an art...

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Mayo Clinic Coming to Dallas – And We Want You to Join Us!

Over the past several years I have been very fortunate to be involved as an advisory board member of the Mayo Clinic Cen...

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Poll: Where does your organization focus its use of social?

Everyone has a different idea of what social is… what it should be used for … and who it should be used to...

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You Can’t Get There All at Once

Have a plan… if you don't have a plan, make one. Be skeptical of things you see that: bring you 1999% ROI in ...

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Poll: Have Times Changed? Who Should Tweet From the Hospital?

Almost three years ago I asked this question: “As a patient or family member what hospital representative do you want ...

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Status Check // What Social Media Platforms do Hospitals Use?

I have always loved to look at data. Some times I have no idea what I am viewing, but I love numbers and what they tell ...

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Know Your Audience: 3 Things to Remember When Networking

Yesterday I received this comment though the contact page on my blog: Message Body: Hi! I just visited your website and ...

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social media best practicies for hospitals book

Upcoming eBook – 6 Secrets of Social Media Superstars in Healthcare

I have not been blogging as much here lately… I have two projects working that both are launching in the coming da...

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Social Health Institute

It has been sometime coming but I can officially say the Social Health Institute (SHI) is launching! Some of the last...

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