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Roles You Should Have on Your Marketing Team in 2016

Is it possible – in 2016 – that you should revise the roles of your marketing team? I am going to guess that...

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Who are the Storytellers: Download the eBook

Personal stories connect us to each other and to brands. Hospitals and hospital marketing teams are unique groups to tel...

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If the NFL can do it, so can Hospitals.

The Dolphins have been in the news as of late for all the wrong reasons, but because of that I remembered reading an art...

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5 Moments Your Patients Are Most Likely to Live Post

With over a billion monthly active Facebook users, 78% of whom are mobile and over 5.5 million Twitter users, 43% of who...

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How Friendly is Your Hospital?

A couple of weeks back produced a list of the Top 50 Most Social Media Friendly Hospitals for 2013. It is ...

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Who Are You? Where Are You? – What to do with Online Listings

One of the biggest issues I encounter is online listings. They are wrong, duplicated, or just don't exist. Before y...

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Status Check // What Social Media Platforms do Hospitals Use?

I have always loved to look at data. Some times I have no idea what I am viewing, but I love numbers and what they tell ...

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Policies for Healthy Social Participation

On Sunday, March 3rd, I had the opportunity to join several other really smart folks to talk about policies and social m...

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Giving a Digital Hand in the ‘Care Effect’

While reading WIRED magazine on a late flight back to San Antonio, I was intrigued in an interesting study resulting in ...

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