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Visual Blogging – 3 ways to make your blog posts more engaging

The old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, is more true today than ever. Visual content is dominating the soci...

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social media best practicies for hospitals book

Upcoming eBook – 6 Secrets of Social Media Superstars in Healthcare

I have not been blogging as much here lately… I have two projects working that both are launching in the coming da...

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5 Tips to Become Efficient at Blogging

As I work to train content creators “the blog” continually becomes the focal point of their effort. This onl...

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How to Respond to Negative Comments

If you have not already you will receive a negative comment on Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, etc. This is also a stumbling bl...

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5 Ways to Identify a Great Content Creator

No matter your organization”s growth strategies, you will end up needing content. You can not simply advertise, yo...

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3 Suggested Blogs to Add to Your Reading List

I have had a few people lately ask me what blogs they should be reading. I wanted to not just suggest what blogs but als...

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Content vs Technology – Where is Your Focus?

In my day to day life I spend a lot of (most of) my time around technology. I am writing this blog on a technology platf...

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Contest: Top 10 #HCSM Blogs

What is your favorite blog? Better yet what is your favorite healthcare social media blog? I want to know. I am putting...

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Blogging: Why Frequency Matters

Over the past couple of months I have decided to up my blogging frequency from a couple of times a month to three time...

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