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Conversation vs Definition

What is the point of a website? Most take the assumption they are there to answer questions… I would argue we need...

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5 Ways to Identify a Great Content Creator

No matter your organization”s growth strategies, you will end up needing content. You can not simply advertise, yo...

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Tip: How to send a private message on Google+

Many, many, many blog post are starting to be written on Google+, and that is a good thing (In my opinion.) The more exp...

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3 Steps to Identify What Good Content Looks Like

We all know it is about content, but how good is yours? Want do see what good content looks like? Try this… Go to ...

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Hospitals need “More Cowbell” not Band Members

Hospitals need “More Cowbell” not more band members…. Content = Cowbell | Band Members = Platforms My ...

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My Thoughts for Hospitals on Google’s ‘May Day’

I have been reading a bit about Google’s latest update to their search algorithm. Google constantly changes the wa...

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