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My Thoughts for Hospitals on Google’s ‘May Day’


I have been reading a bit about Google’s latest update to their search algorithm. Google constantly changes the way search works to avoid sites “gaming” the system and to try and highlight relevant content.

With that said their latest update, named “May Day,” has mostly flown under the radar but here are my take-a-ways:

  • Google is looking for incoming links to direct visitors to specific content within the site not just the home page. This will continue to promote those who garner traffic organically vs. paid.
  • The more traffic is spread across the site the better… the more entry points to the site vs everyone hitting the home page as their point of entry Google sees as relevant.

What does this mean to hospitals?… Blog more…

The more content that is created the better. We can do this with Blogs and news releases. Taking the specific URLs where this content resides and replicating it to Facebook, Twitter, etc… will push more incoming links out onto the net that will in turn create more inbound links to specific pages on the site not just the home page.

We do this with the new releases now but think how we can start blogging more on each facilities specific blog… A blog can be a picture and caption, video, a bulleted list, a response to a national article, etc… the goal is new content on a consistent basis. Ideas:

  • Employee of the Month
  • Employee Awards or Certifications
  • Picture from Community Event
  • Facility Event Picture with Caption
  • New Employee Orientation Picture/Blurb
  • MD response on national story/article
  • Picture and caption from seminar/class with info on the next one
  • A list of tips on a topic
  • Expert article from clinical staff

So in the end it seems simple right? Create GOOD content on a regular basis… 

Believe me I am not an SEO expert so I am interested in others thoughts on the subject…

– Reed


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Reed Smith