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When I was your age… We used a mouse.


I was recently watching my 3 year old use my iPad. It was very interesting to see how he simply used it. No questions, no looking for the keyboard or mouse, just drawing, and playing games. Not once did he stop and ask…

“Hey where do I insert the DVD/CD” or “how do I right click?”

When I was his age there was really no such thing as a personal computer. And when I was in high school and even into college if you said “cell phone” someone would hand you a bag.

In Sir Ken Robinson”s Ted talk from a few years back he makes a good point that we are trying to educate kids now based on what we think the future will be. Scary thought…

So I am asking…

In the world of healthcare marketing, are we sticking our head in the sand? Are we looking far enough into the future to see what we need to start exploring? Right now I would argue online casino australia we spend too much time worrying about…

  • Yellow page advertising rather than looking at how to maximize our presence on Yelp.
  • Print Advertising in a local publication rather thank looking at their new mobile application and how the hospital can benefit.
  • Traditional outdoor branding rather than using that space in a new text campaign.
  • The copy on our print ad instead of making sure our Facebook URL is included.

This is going to sound like a broken record but it is simply about community. We have to alter the way we communicate from tell everyone about us to asking everyone about us then having conversations.

Back to the iPad… Kids now will grow up and never know what it is like to not see/have iPads… computers have and are continuing to become more personal shouldn”t marketing?



[image source: Flickr: blakespot]

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Reed Smith