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Tip: How to send a private message on Google+

Many, many, many blog post are starting to be written on Google+, and that is a good thing (In my opinion.) The more exposure G+ gets and the more people look for places of adoption, the better chance G+ will evolve into a true communication and collaborative platform.

Plus it is fun to play with new technology… Yes, sadly I know I just wrote that…

I wanted to take just a quick minute to pass along a tip:

How to send a private message on Google+

First, craft a note for your G+ stream… this could include pictures, text, links, etc… just as if you are posting publicly. Prior to hitting the green “share” button select an actual person(s) to send the note to. Be sure to de-select “public” or any other circle you may have previously shared with.

Secondly, after you have crafted the note and selected who the recipient(s) is hit the green share button to send the note. After it is published you will see a small gray arrow on the top right of your post. Click on this and you will see several options, one of which is disable reshare. Choose this and you are set.

In short you are sending a message to only one person (or more) and they can not share it.

What other tips/ticks do you find handy?

– Reed

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Reed Smith