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3 Reason to Use Google+ during your next Twitter Chat

Many of us, at some point over the last few years, have experienced a Twitter chat. Dana Lewis started this in healthcare with #hcsm (still going strong) and for one year I experimented with #hcmktg chats each Friday. Today there are many more to involve yourself in if you have not plugged in already.

Yesterday I took part in my first “Hangout” on Google+ with Ed Bennett, Bobby Rettew, and Bryan Person. It was really a great experience. I think this could be a great add on (not replacement) for existing Twitter chats.

Here are three reason you should start a Hangout during the next Twitter chat you are involved in:

  1. While the Twitter chat is happening you can be participating in dialogue with 9 others in a more dynamic way. You are not limited to 140 characters.
  2. Groups can record their Hangout session and post as feedback/recaps – post Twitter chat.
  3. Bouncing ideas off each other in realtime could help formulate additional questions/comments for the Twitter chat as it progress. Many times other’s comments help me brainstorm good ideas.

I can not wait to see how Google+ progress and how others use the tools within. Look for the video from my Hangout yesterday with the group above to hear more how Bobby, Ed, Bryan, and I are using Hangouts now.

Thoughts on how you have found Hangouts to be useful?

– Reed (If you have not link up with me on G+)

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Reed Smith