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Hospitals need “More Cowbell” not Band Members

Hospitals need “More Cowbell” not more band members….

Content = Cowbell | Band Members = Platforms

My suggestions:

  1. Identify content creators first. In a previous blog post I talked about “Who from the hospital should Tweet”. Look to identify physicians, nurses, therapist, etc… who want a stage and are a good voice for the hospital message. Work with them to create a plan and lean into their strengths (i.e. Don’t force video if they are more comfortable writing, etc…)
  2. Identify current content. Hospitals have content… awards, events, patient stories, etc… look at what you are already producing in a traditional sense and work out a system to distribute this content online.
  3. Don’t worry so much about SEO, focus on service. Use your social presence to serve your communities and the SEO part will take care of itself in the end.

What are other tips on creating “More Cowbell?”

– Reed

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Reed Smith