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10 Reasons Why Every Hospital Needs an iPad


Why not? No really, there are many uses for an iPad within the walls (or outside) of medical centers across the country. With the influx of conversations around technology (read: HIT) it only seems normal that we would look for ways to integrate the iPad.

Of course we could look at other technology or touchscreen devices but with Apple holding 95% of the tablet market share it would seem to reason to stay where the developers are.

So here are 10 ways to use the iPad as a hospital:

  1. Physician Relations/Sales – Easy way to gain attention when calling on physicians that allows you to show video, pictures, and documents.
  2. Pre-Op Education – Some hospitals have done this with apps that are available. iPads give the patient an easy way to watch pre-op videos prior to entering the OR.
  3. Discharge Planning – The iPad could be an interesting tool to help communicate discharge instructions to a patient and family prior to them leaving the hospital.
  4. Event Marketing – Having iPads on hand to showcase what the hospital has to offer will make you a hit at most local events.
  5. Job Fairs – Just like other events you will be a the booth to stop by if you are sporting iPads.
  6. Board Meetings – Use iPads to run board meetings and save money and prep time not having to print a 3″ binder each time.
  7. Employee Rounding – Use an iPad while rounding on employees and increase efficiencies by not having to do data entry when you return to your office.
  8. Patient Rounding – Using iPads for rounding or shift change would all for automatic chart updates with upcoming EHR solutions.
  9. Employee Incentives – What employee would not want an iPad as a gift?
  10. Marketing (Custom Apps) – Many hospitals have created apps for iPhones so it is just a matter of time till hospitals look for ways to use the larger screen.

I am sure there are many other ideas on how and why hospitals should use iPads. What are you doing? or what have you seen?

– Reed




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Reed Smith