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A Hospital Website: It Eats, Breathes and It Is MOBILE!

Mobile Hospital Websites

Sometimes, when explaining to our clients about the importance of making updates to their site, we’ve been known to refer to their site as “a living breathing thing” that needs “care and feeding.” (Insert eye roll from the more technical members of our team.) Health care industry expert Jenn Riggle, in her FierceMobileHealthcare post this week, reminds hospitals that their websites are now mobile. So now, in addition to “feeding” it with new content and timely updates, you should also be “kicking the tires” and “checking the oil” so-to-speak. Your website, my friend, is on the road!

Make time to give your website a “test drive” on a mobile device or two. Is your website mobile friendly? Is it hard to navigate or does it take a while to download? Do you have information on your site organized so that phone numbers and driving directions are easy for a mobile user to find quickly? Are you taking advantage of texting messaging to drive traffic to your events, your facilities and your web site? Can mobile users find your blog posts, your videos, and your Facebook page?

At GWT our mobile sites can be developed to be managed in tandem with a live website so that edits and updates can be carried over from the main site to the mobile site. Our mobile sites are designed so that users will find quick links to social sites, touch to dial numbers and driving directions easily. If mobile users want, they can also click over to the main website to look for more in depth service line information. ALL this within a few clicks.

 So, is your mobile hospital website ready roll??????

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Jennifer Dunn