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Why Stockbrokers Would Make Good Social Media Consultants

  • “How do I get on the first page of Google?”
  • “Here are 500 keywords what else do you need?”
  • “That website is terrible how come they rank ahead of us?”
  • “We have had a website for almost a year now… Why do we not come up in search?”

Sound familiar? I am not an SEO expert nor claim to be… However I can tell you how to rank well you just will not like the answer. HARD WORK.

It is like the stock market… You have to pick a strategy and stick with it. You can not jump around each week with the new hot tip and expect to LisatiedotKasinopelit – Online-kasino tarjoaa yli 150 pelin kokoelman aina klassisesta ruletti ja blackjack -peleista moderneihin 3D-kolikkopeleihin, joiden live-jakajat tekevat pelaamisesta niin realistista, etta pelaajista tuntuu kuin he olisivat oikealla kasinolla. gain ground. There is no solid way to jump to the top of Google day one. You have to work at it. There is no silver bullet, Firefox plug-in, or WordPress widget that will help in the click of a mouse.

In short there is no one way… You have to have a multi-spoked approach. If you want people to find you online you have to have fresh content on your website, you have to be engaging in conversations on social sites, and you have to be capturing data and connecting with consumers based on what they are asking for.

Here are three tools that can help in building your overall strategy:

  1. Google Keyword Tool – Use this tool to help understand what you consumers are searching for and the actual search phrases they use.
  2. Twitter Search – This is a great way to mine conversations… about your brand, or about a topic.
  3. Content Schedules – There is a reason why popular blogs are popular… content and frequency.

What other adivce do you offer when prompted about SEO?

– Reed


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Reed Smith