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I Am Wrong A Lot… Thankfully

When someone brings up using “Social Media” most exchanges end with a discussion on ROI. Which is fine but based on most of these new platforms not existing three years ago maybe just maybe we have to try it to figure it out?

Now I am not saying ROI is not important, but if you take the approach that what you try you measure it may just be a bit easier to launch a campaign. Here is what I would suggest when a leader in your organization asked about ROI:

  1. Define ROI – True ROI is a financial metric but not everyone uses it that way… it has become an identifier for measurement in general.
  2. Explain how you plan to measure what you are proposing.
  3. Show Examples.
  4. Report Back.

In the end what most people want is to know you are prepared. If you show you have a plan and how you are going to circle back with results then most questions are answered. It is OK to fail or be wrong… I am not sure how else we find the best way to use “new” technologies.

– Reed


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Reed Smith