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Hospitals Should Use Social Media for … Marketing or Operations?

I guess because of the platforms social media has taken a marketing overtone. The hospitals who have launched social media efforts have largely done so though or because of the marketing and communications department.

I truly think there is much to gain though operational efficiencies. Don’t get me wrong I am a former hospital marketing director and much of the consulting I do no revolves around the use of social media in marketing efforts, but I think the 2.0 of 2.0 is how these methods and platforms integrate with hospital operations…. “Social Operations”

Here are some practical area where social media can play a part:

Human Resources –

  • Internal Communications
  • Back Ground Checks
  • Reward and Recognition

Patient Care –

  • Shift Change Handoffs
  • Discharge Calls
  • Rounding on Patients

Administration –

  • Rounding on Employees
  • Physician Relations
  • Monitor throughput of services (ER wait-times, door to balloon, lab times, etc…)

We talk so much about experience and how important this is to our patients, their families, and guest maybe we should look to social media as a way to be more service oriented.

I am interested to see thoughts and ideas around “Social Operations”

– Reed

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Reed Smith