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How to Make Your Physicians Blog

You don’t…

A problem I am seeing from hospitals is their need for physician involvement, and the way they are going about trying to get this involvement.

When talking about social media we are quick to say it is about the strategy not the platform. Then why is it we don’t think to involve the content creator until after we have built the system.

Time is spent on strategy and platforms and branding only to then go to a physician/clinical leader and not get the buy in and involvement we need. Here is what I suggest:

  1. Identify your physician leaders who you feel would be interested in establishing and sustaining an online resource.
  2. Have them be involved with the initial brainstorm and creation of what this system and message looks like.
  3. Keep them involved all along the strategy and creation timeline.

In the end don’t build out your strategy and then try and plug-in a physician to deliver on it at launch.

What to share a good or bad experience?

– Reed

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Reed Smith