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Best Practice: Are You Asking for People to Like You?

Last night I was on Facebook checking on a few client Facebook Fan Pages when I noticed this post from the Advanced Fetal Care Center of Children”s Hospital Boston.

Here is the picture they posted:


Couple of things for hospitals to learn from this:

  1. Ask – Don”t just assume your employees, physicians, or the patients and families that walk through your doors each day will pokies online find you on Facebook. Be sure you spell it out and ask them to join you.
  2. Benefit – Help connect the dots on why they should spend time on your fan page. For hospitals this is connecting Facebook with your mission. Show your community though your post how Facebook helps live out your mission, vision, values, and goals.
  3. Collaborate – Ask your fans to help. Leverage your fans in connecting with their networks. You will notice in the above post Children”s Hospital Boston is asking where should the flyers be posted. 

Hospitals are learning and exploring these spaces but I wanted to point out this post from an organization that is really excelling in online. If you don”t already be sure to “Like” Children”s Hospital Boston and their other pages. Quite a few best practices to see and learn from!

– Reed

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Reed Smith

2 Responses

  1. RYANdashPAUL says:

    Thanks for posting this, Reed. It’s great to see such positive feedback. Your three points above are right on track with what we believe as well.

  2. Reed Smith says:

    You guys to great work!