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What Hospitals can learn from Gatorade

If you have not already be sure to check out this  about Gatorade and the announcement of their “Mission Control” center. Plus be sure to read Jeremiah Owyang”s post: Social Media Mission Control, The Contact Center Must Evolve #SocialSupport on the same topic.

Gatorade Mission Control:

3 things hospitals can take from this

  1. Monitoring is Important – with the world continuing to be as wired as it is, brands need to understand how important  it is to monitor and connect with consumers in realtime.
  2. It is not about sales it is about experience – The patient experience is so important to satisfaction, in some cases more than outcomes. Be sure you exhaust yourself learning what patients think and experience.
  3. Communication is different things to different generations – Make sure you have the ability to connect with every generation in what they perceive as appropriate.

 – Reed

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