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Is it Possible To Be Too Social?

I have been thinking a lot about frequency lately. Is it possible to be too social? Post too often? What is you frequenc...

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When Should I Tweet?

When should I tweet? When should I post to Facebook? I am sure you have asked this question time and time again. For mos...

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5 tips to make Gowalla work for your Hospital

In previous posts I have talked about tips on what to post and how to maximize your hospital presence on Foursquare. Now...

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4 Quick Steps to Maximize your Hospital’s Presence on Foursquare

Foursquare has become a great resource for connecting with those who “check-in” on our campuses. Here is a q...

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Location, Location, Location… 3 Reason’s Hospitals Should Use Location Based Services

Now with the launch of Facebook Places those who visit hospitals have several ways to “check-in.” More and m...

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