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4 Quick Steps to Maximize your Hospital’s Presence on Foursquare


Foursquare has become a great resource for connecting with those who “check-in” on our campuses. Here is a quick and easy road map to make sure you are getting the basics nailed down for your brand.

  1. Claim all your locations – With most hospitals/healthcare systems there are many locations, acute care facilities, rehab locations, institutes, clinics, etc. Claiming all these is a bit troublesome in most cases. The easiest way to do this is to visit this Foursquare support item for directions.
  2. Create a brand page – A brand page allows others to follow you and stay up to date with specials and tips you may have for those who visit a location you manage. To create a brand page visit the Foursquare for business. This will walk you thought the steps needed.
  3. Be sure to leave tips – Once you have claimed all your locations and setup your brand page make sure you leave tips at all your locations. For some ideas check out this previous post. Once this is done when your Foursquare followers check into a location you manage they will see your tips! 
  4. Ask the other networks to connect – Finally make sure you are asking all your connections from other networks to connect with you on Foursquare.

Let me know whatelse you have seen work.

– Reed


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Reed Smith