When Should I Tweet?

BY Reed Smith
ON November 02, 2011

When should I tweet? When should I post to Facebook?

I am sure you have asked this question time and time again. For most of us the answer is, “when I have time.” I would encourage you to go back and find several of your most popular (and even not so popular) posts on both Facebook and Twitter and ask yourself a couple of questions:

  1. Who was the audience? B2C, B2B, Internal, External?
  2. What day where these updates posted?
  3. What time of day?
  4. Did the post include a link?
  5. Did the post include a picture/video?

Now make a simple chart in excel and see what you find. What are the commonalities? Do Tweets do well on a certain day? When should you post to Facebook, and to what group?

I am willing to bet doing this will help you craft a frequency strategy for your social program moving forward.

Now when someone ask why you have not posted their seminar flyer on Facebook you can say, “It will post Sunday mid-day, because we have seen our largest window for engagement is the weekend for a B2C audience on Facebook.”

Answers like this will continue to bring/build credibility to what you are doing as a marketer.

Below is a cool infographic from Argyle Social to help you get started thinking down this path (click to view full size:)

Data-driven social media marketing from Argyle Social

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Reed Smith

Social Media Consultant to Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations. Advisory Board Member, Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media.