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Location, Location, Location… 3 Reason’s Hospitals Should Use Location Based Services


Now with the launch of Facebook Places those who visit hospitals have several ways to “check-in.” More and more blog post are being written about this, including some good ideas on how hospitals should incorporate these platforms… here are a couple of recent post you should check out:

From working with hospital I have spent some time looking at the big three: Gowalla, Foursquare, and Facebook Places. Each has some advantage over the other but that is a different post. What I want to look at is why hospitals should engage in these platforms:

  1. Your Brand – Users have the ability to setup a location whenever, where ever they want. This makes it very important to setup the “official” location so you have access to the metrics in each of these platforms, and to cut down on the dilution of having multiple check-in points setup by many users over time. Seeing how many users “check-in” at your location can also give you ideas of how to reach your consumers. 
  2. Your Message – Foursquare for example will allow you to leave “tips” for those who check-in in the future. This could be a way to communicate what elevators go to maternity, where to find the gift shop, or a number to call for assistance within the hospital. Use this opportunity, think about the FAQs within the organization and put them out there.
  3. Your Champions – As most have noticed the bulk of your check-ins on any of these platforms are your employees. Scanning through this list will help you identify who from your organization “gets” this technology and maybe a good addition to your social media advisory group to bounce ideas off of.

Just a couple of thoughts this morning. What other reason should hospitals be involved in location based services?

– Reed

[photo: Daniel Lobo]

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