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3 Ways to Turn Your Social Media Efforts Inside Out.


In a recent post Mitch Joel gave some really good tips on: Ways to make your company more Social Media savvy from the inside out.” Be sure to check out the post, because it talks about things we don’t do much in hospitals including podcasting, using wikis, etc…

I wanted to expand on this a bit and give it more of a slant to hospitals. So here are 3 ways (I am purposely not talking about blocking/not blocking social mediums) to engage your employees using social media:

  1. Be Fun – Just like no one on the “outside” wants to read only press releases on your social channels, employees don’t want just corporate messages passed down. Use something like a closed Facebook group to communicate “behind the scenes” information to your employees. Have contest, games, and discussions here. Make the benefit of being involved on these platforms something they feel they are missing out on if they don’t participate.
  2. Be Real – Put a face with it not just a logo. This is a great opportunity for employees to gain a connection to the senior leaders. Talk about employees who have done well, wins that have been accomplished by a department, and throw in some personal information. Being real on the appropriate social platforms will connect with employees just like rounding, and thank you notes.
  3. Be Frequent – It is easy to run out of the gates posting and connecting because this will be fun. Make sure just like any other content platform you have a schedule and stick to it. Maybe worse than not doing this is doing it, connecting, and fading…

Just a couple of thoughts. What am I missing?

– Reed

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Reed Smith