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Maybe we expect too much?


So defines expectation as:

something expected; a thing looked forward to.”

Am I just wrong to assume we should have expectations? Good or Bad? It seems that the world we live in revolves around our own expectations. This is the way we work, the way we carry out actions in our day.

It is so important to make sure those we serve understand what our expectations are… but in turn we need to make sure we spend time learning their expectations.

If we as healthcare workers expect a patient to to follow discharge orders… maybe we should understand they expect a discharge call to make sure they retained all the information we unloaded on them prior to leaving the hospital.

If we expect our employees to round on their patients hourly… maybe we should we should understand they, as employees, expect to be rounded on as well.

Expectations are a two way street… What are your expectations of the social tools we use each day and those we connect with?


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Reed Smith