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Is it Possible To Be Too Social?

I have been thinking a lot about frequency lately. Is it possible to be too social? Post too often?

What is you frequency? Does it work? I would love to hear your cadence for Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging in the comments below.

– Reed

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Reed Smith

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  1. Ashley Doran says:

    Good questions Reed. I just started a blog again after a 2 year absence. I spend more time crafting that because I have aspirations of relevance there. Right now I have a goal of 2 x week.

    After a year absence from Twitter, I got back on several months ago. I am definitely most social on Twitter. I check in about 5 times a day and find it the most relevant to my practice (healthcare consulting). I was pleasantly surprised to find more interesting people to “Follow” in my field – especially docs. So retweets are immediate if the topic resonates. Replies are less frequent because I like to “thunk” on those a bit. Original tweets are about 4 a day or less because I try for POV or relevance or even humor. I also want avoid contributing to Twitter spam. I find that many of us read the same articles, etc. Sometimes my healthcare policy list reads like spam – everyone tweeting the same link.

    Facebook I look at least – maybe once a day (and falling). I recently got back on (after a one year absence) just to check in with my family and close friends. It’s rare that there is anything provacative there – which is actually kind of welcome at the end of the day. It’s the only platform where I truly have no agenda and cruise around mindlessly.

    I try to avoid is too much cross-pollination. I think the different platforms bring out different flavors of your personality – which is a good thing. Folks that have taken too much drink from the brand fountain, (relentlessly spread the same content across all platforms), run the risk of appearing spammy.