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What is Content and Who Creates it Well?

When talking with clinical staff about blogging or creating content for the first time I run into hesitation more times than not. Once I have a chance to dig into the source of the hesitation I find it usually has to do with writing. Or more accurately writing long blocks of text.

Once I have a chance to really spend some time and help them understand what I am looking for, then usually they have a much easier time with the idea of blogging.

So what is content? According to

something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts: a poetic form adequate to a poetic content.

In the form of a blog I usually tell the creator I am looking for text, pictures, and video. At times we will explore audio but more often than not this requires a bit more post production.

I am always asked who does it well? What are some good examples? – I went through my RSS reader and pulled out a few for each:


This is probably the most basic and easiest to manage forms of content creation but for the content creator it could be the hardest. To write on a regular basis is hard and requires the ability to cultivate ideas. Some of the best blogs I follow only use text (with potentially one picture.)

Who does it well?


Pictures are hard to beat when connecting with an audience. So many of use are visual learners that (unless your famous) it is becoming impariative to included pictures/video into any content creation strategy.

Who does it well?


Video is the future (or maybe the current?) In any case video has to be part of your content creation strategy. The cost is coming down and the ability to maximize your content though video is becoming easier. There is nothing you can do that is as impactful as telling a story though video.

Who does it well?

There are many other great examples out there but these are just a few I have followed over the years. If you want an example of an all in one. Michael Hyatt probably does the best job I have seen on incorporating all three elements.

Question: What is next for content creation? How can you better connect with your audience?

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