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First Class Complete: Digital Health Mini MBA Program

We have officially started the first Digital Health Mini MBA Certificate Program at Clemson University. Thanks to Lee Aa...

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Reed Smith Achieves Social Media Platinum Status

What do Katy Perry, Elvis Presley and Reed Smith have in common? They have all gone Platinum. Although I appreciate Reed...

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Why I made my 6 yr old sign a social media policy

I talk a lot about hospitals, brands, organizations, etc but historically have not talked much about the personal side o...

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Where to Eat in Rochester, MN – Attending Social Media Week at Mayo Clinic

(Updated for 2016) So you are coming to Rochester for this year’s Member Meeting & Social Media Residency! Th...

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Mayo Clinic Coming to Dallas – And We Want You to Join Us!

Over the past several years I have been very fortunate to be involved as an advisory board member of the Mayo Clinic Cen...

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Status Check // What Social Media Platforms do Hospitals Use?

I have always loved to look at data. Some times I have no idea what I am viewing, but I love numbers and what they tell ...

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Social Media… Operations?

Below is an excerpt from “Social Media… Operations?” – my contribution to Bringing the Social Me...

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Will Hospitals Follow Johnson & Johnson’s Lead?

Yesterday, while on Twitter, I saw this post (and response) from Farris Timimi, MD, Medical Director of the Mayo Clinic ...

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There’s an App for That: Meeting People Where They Are Through Mobile

In February I have the opportunity to join Lee Aase, Jennifer Texada, and Aaron Hughling as I moderate a panel at the Te...

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