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Social Media… Operations?

socialBelow is an excerpt from “Social Media… Operations?” – my contribution to Bringing the Social Media #Revolution to Health Care. You find out more about the book here.
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Instead, I challenge you to look at social media in terms of operations. If you really want to engage administrators, talk about social media in their terms. How could social media help (to name a few):

  • Internal communications
  • Physician sales
  • Shift change handoffs
  • Patient discharge process
  • Team building or reward and recognition programs
  • Crisis communications

If your facility works or has worked with the Studer Group, the Baptist Leadership Group, or others, think about how:

  • Current Baldrige criteria ask for feedback on how social media and web-based technologies are used to listen to customers.
  • Social media could have an impact on senior leader rounding.
  • Discharge follow up calls could reduce readmissions.
  • Social media could help your employee “bright idea” program.

In sum, do not get stuck in the rut of wanting to do social media for marketing only. Be sure you look at the bigger picture and organizational goals. You currently sit in a place at a time when you can truly make a difference with the technologies available.

Question: How do you use social media outside of marketing?


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