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Roles You Should Have on Your Marketing Team in 2016

Is it possible – in 2016 – that you should revise the roles of your marketing team? I am going to guess that...

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Specialization and 2 Reasons I Only Work With Hospitals

I am not talking about retail… there are many cases of “shop here and find it all.” I am talking about...

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5 Questions in 30 Seconds – Insight for 2013

Organizations deal with a lot. Money, people, and technology seem to be the three biggest moving parts. As we look ahead...

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Do something new Monday

Monday morning it will be very easy to pickup where you left off Friday at 5pm. Fight the urge to just go down the list ...

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2012 Health Care Social Media Summit

I am really excited about a wonderful educational opportunity that is coming to Austin this August 9-10. I have had the ...

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7 Questions About Facebook For Your Organization

Thanks for taking just a minute to answer seven questions on Facebook and its integration into your healthcare organizat...

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Is Twitter Dying on the Vine?

Have you been to Twitter lately? More than normal? Less than normal? Still have TweetDeck setup with all the hashtags yo...

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3 Things the 3rd G+ Healthcare Hangout Taught Me

Yesterday marked the third installment of the Google+ Healthcare Hangout Bobby Rettew, Ed Bennett, and myself have hoste...

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